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Origin: Sonoran Desert USA*


Flavor Profile: These prickly pears insides host a unique melon/berry flavor with the consistency and texture of a kiwi.  Placentation is parietal, the fruit is considered a berry carrying arillate seeds that resemble a poppy in texture but nutty flavor.  

Application:  The fruit is stunning visually with hues of deep reds and bright pinks.  Easily malleable to form creations for intricate dishes.  Syrups, jams, marinades, nopalitos con huevos, salad, sorbet, lemon bars, cactus fries, flour, garnish, candy.

* Fruit is washed, torched with fire, washed again, then torched with fire a second time to burn any main remaining thorns on the outside of the pears.  Cut fruit in half, inspect for any stray thorns then scoop out the inside portion for use to enjoy.

- Prickly Pear (Opuntia Berries)

1 Pound
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