Origin: Southwest white mountain ranges through to the Pacific North West

Flavor Profile: Aroma and taste identical to lobster; complete with color, texture, and a consistency to match. 


Application:  Cook with butter or a rich oil to really capture the flavor.  Delicious next to seafood, together with sushi, great as a vegan meat substitute, delicious in stews, broths, soups, pastas, and anything you'd put lobster in/on.  


About:  One of the most interesting specimens we carry. Lactifluorum is what gives the lobstermushroom it's flavor.  Lactifluroum is actually a secondary parasitic ascomycete fungus that feeds on other mushroom species such as Milk Caps, and Russula. During the Lactifluorum takeover; these mushrooms turn a reddish orange that hosts a savory deep sea flavor that resembles lobster and butter deeming the original mushroom unidentifiable.  

- Lobster Mushrooms (Hypomyces Lactiflourum)

1 Pound