Origin: Fruit from a varitiety of species in two genera's of cacti; Echinocactus and Ferocactus, found within the deserts of the Southwest of north America.


Flavor Profile: The flavor is very unique; imagine a bell pepper and replacing the slight "spiciness" with a lemony citrus punch. Hallow on the inside, plentiful with tender seeds reminiscent of a poppy seed. 

Application:  The particular flavor is easily captured in dishes and the fruit is excellent fresh, grilled, simmered, mixed in salsa, cut for garnish, made into sorbet, the possibilities are endless. 


About:  Natives would use the fruit as an emergency food source. The Seri people distinguished three species of barrel cactus: Erocactus Cylindraceus, Ferocactus Emoryi, and Ferocactus wislizeni. Interestingly, when left untouched, the fruit has been known to last a full calendar year, when picked they hold an extremely long shelf life.

- Barrel Fruit (Echino. & Feroca.)

1 Pound